Green Enough? Think Again. ALLOPEBBLE Launches GOPOD to Extend Lens lifecycle

Busan, South Korea —- ALLOPEBBLE, a handmade designer bag maker and a developer of several successful crowdfunding campaigns in South Korea, announced that GOPOD, the first microfiber cleaning cloth storage pod with a built-in retractable pull, will be available through Indiegogo campaign, its first debut in the global market.

Since NASA developed an abrasion-resistant coating for space helmet visors and aerospace equipment and Foster-Grant, the sunglasses manufacturer, commercialized the scratch-resistant coating in 1983, the majority of eyeglasses sold in the United States are outfitted with plastic lenses that last 10 times as long as the old ones. ( source: Top10 NASA Inventions )


“Microfiber fabric is the best option for cleaning the optical lenses because they are not made of real glass,” said Donni Choi, owner of ALLOPEBBLE.  “It’s just not available to you when you need most.  That’s why you clean your lenses with your t-shirts and tissues.  But, they leave scratches.  Even though plastic optical lenses with modern technology are much stronger than old ones, they can be vulnerable.  You don’t want to wear glasses with so many scratches, because it’s bad for your eye vision.  Then, you throw them away and get a new pair.   It’s just because you can’t find a microfiber fabric near you.  If you can make a habit of carrying the fabric with you or place it near you, you do not have to replace your lenses because of scratches.  You could make less waste and save the earth a little.  Not to mention saving money on those expensive prescription lenses.  GOPOD is small enough to carry in your pocket and easy enough, even fun to use several times a day.  You can make a habit of using GOPOD easily.”

A brief introduction on how it works can be found on the GOPOD Pre-Launch page. Additionally, GOPOD campaign offers a 55% discount for super early bird backers.



ALLOPEBBLE has succeeded in several crowdfunding campaigns in South Korea with products based on human behavior research.  Also, the company is dedicated to endeavoring to achieve less waste as possible during production and being sustainable in the design process.



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